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Vertical Solutions

Each Industry Cloud is powered by the Microsoft Cloud plus Hitachi Solutions’ vertical specific software. We leverage years of experience and expertise with Microsoft AX, CRM and Business Intelligence to build solutions that hit the sweet spot for each vertical and provide an incredibly simplified experience. > Read more…

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Expert Services

Our approach to implementation ensures results by focusing on your business goals. We help prepare your organization to successfully adopt and leverage new systems and capabilities. Our own project delivery methodology ensures quality, manages risk and promotes efficiency so you can drive value for your business by utilizing our vertical solutions and experience. > Read more…

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Ongoing Support

Success is a journey which doesn’t end at go-live. Our dedicated support teams reside in multiple countries to ensure that issues are resolved in the quickest possible timeframe so you can stay focused on your business. Our breadth and depth of knowledge provides continuous support ranging from troubleshooting, deployment and environment management. > Read more…

Hitachi AX for Equipment Management

Hitachi AX for Lifecycle Equipment Management Dashboard Screenshot

Equipment Lifecycle Management

Efficiently manage equipment with visibility into the total ROI of equipment during each stage of its lifespan, from the initial purchase, to value-added configurations, to selling/renting to customers, and to equipment depreciation and final retirement.

Equipment Registration

Easily and effectively register all equipment through a simple wizard, a purchase order, a production order, or a sales order. Once the equipment is created, associate it with an inventory item, asset, project, service object, or vendor.

Hitachi AX Equipment Transaction Tracking Screenshot

Equipment Transaction Tracking

Track financial transactions related to equipment usage by associating equipment with an inventory item, asset, project, service object, or vendor.

Equipment Release and Quality Check Management

Ensure the desired outcomes for equipment happen every time with a tight quality check process that enables quality checks to be conducted during purchase, production, and sales operations.

Hitachi AX Warranty and Service Management Icon

Warranty and Service Management

Get a comprehensive view of warranty information with the ability to configure the equipment’s warranty date by the product receipt date or invoice date, and to collect and incorporate related financial data.

Hitachi AX for Planning and Scheduling

Hitachi AX for Planning and Scheduling Order Management Screenshot

Order Management

Minimize lead-time and deliver on customers’ SLAs by setting up order priorities based on specific constraints, such as customer, customer group, program or project, inventory, inventory type, etc.

Resource Scheduling

Leverage an integrated, centralized system for proactive and planned scheduling that provide the production floor and resources a simpler way for reacting to changes and different priorities as the day evolves.

Hitachi AX for Planning and Scheduling Reporting Icon

What If Analysis

Enable productivity and eliminate errors by simulating changes in production quantities, replenishment orders, transfer orders, and supplier orders. A system dashboard enables production planners to have a comparative view of the different simulations for better decision-making and firming orders.

Production Site Management

Improve production planner productivity efficiency and backlog management with a complete 360-degree view of the resources available to production sites.

Field Service Automation for Dicrete Manufacturing

FSA for Equipment Dealers

Build better intelligence about your customers and the equipment they own to provide better service and increase customer loyalty. Track equipment service history and plan maintenance to better serve the customer and drive additional service revenue. Leverage the equipment history to ensure you are scheduling the right resources and parts needed to deliver on your maintenance commitments. Track your customers’ equipment, location, end uses, maintenance needs, repair history, and warranties claims to provide visibility to key data points to everyone serving the customer. Manage service contracts to ensure you are maximizing the service opportunities across your customers. Plan and manage your workforce to ensure the field resources with the right qualifications, certifications, and experience is assigned to appropriate work orders.

Field Services Automation (FSA) for Discrete Manufacturing on Mobile Screenshot

FSA for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers & Service Providers

Manage Maintenance, Repair & Operations processes for your customers to increase customer satisfaction and increase service revenues. Track equipment service history, parts order history and maintenance plans to better serve the customer. Provide visibility to your customers’ maintenance needs, repair history, and warranties claims for everyone serving the customer. Streamline dispatch decisions by quickly comparing needs, equipment owned, and the resources that can most effectively meet them. Create flexible data views, intuitive alerts, and powerful optimization tools to proactively target customers for service and cross sell opportunities.

Field Services Automation (FSA) for Discrete Manufacturing Integration with Microsoft AX Screenshot

Field Service for Equipment Asset Management

Equipment Service and Maintenance History

Create and build comprehensive maintenance initiatives by predicting operational needs and required maintenance based on accurate estimates of real-life workloads and use scheduling tools to ensure confidence that parts, retables, consumables, financial, human and physical resources needed to execute your maintenance initiatives will be available when needed.

Classify assets with barcodes or serial numbers, then track asset location, maintenance needs, and repair history while capturing costs, revenue, and time spent on each asset. Also, the ability to track warranties against assets allows you to provide field staff with visibility into terms and expiration dates, and help ensure that service and billing conform to warranty stipulations. Optimize workforce management by integrating information about personnel qualifications, certifications, and experience into work assignments; automating crew calendars and timekeeping; and generating individual performance scorecards.

Hitachi Field Service for Equipment Asset Management Icon

Field Service Automation for Residential & Commercial HVAC

Enhance management efficiency and increase the productivity of field operations with targeted automation and integrated information flow.

Hitachi Field Service Equipment and Warranty Management Screenshot

Watch our Video: A Service Manager for a Manufacturer of Equipment

A Day in the Life of a Service Manager for a Manufacturer of Equipment YouTube Video

A Service Manager for a Manufacturer of Equipment

Watch this video to follow along with a Service Manager for a Manufacturer of Equipment using Hitachi Field Service Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Hitachi CRM for Discrete Manufacturing

Hitachi CRM for Discrete Manufacturing Sales and Business Development Screenshot

Sales and Business Development

Stay up-to-date on statuses of sales activities with real-time information about your opportunities while also using CRM to automate the approval process and simplify the opportunity to quote to order lifecycle.


Keep track of service history, repair orders and service agreements all in one system so that your customer service representatives can provide efficient and high-quality service.

Hitachi CRM for Discrete Manufacturing Reporting Icon


Integrate to industry data sources for demand generation and market analysis so you can evaluate trends and the buying history of your customers to analyze market share performance and changes over time.

Market Share Analysis

Identify total customer purchasing power versus projected share of market to manage growth goals using CRM to gain visibility into actual versus forecasted revenues, contract profitability and costs as well as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for complementary products and services.

Hitachi CRM for Building Products Manufacturers

Hitachi CRM for Building Products Manufacturers Project Visibility Icon

Project Visibility

Get better visibility into projects and jobs, track progress and help ensure smooth fulfillment with project and job tracking, competitor tracking, data integration with billing and ERP systems, and quote and bid management inside CRM.

Hitachi CRM for Construction Materials Business Development Screenshot

Business Development

Build a healthy sales pipeline by building up awareness and identifying strong opportunities for growth with marketing management, opportunity management and call reporting.

Account Management

Track your relationships with contractors, officials, engineering firms and vendors so you can identify the right people and influencers to work with on every project by using CRM for contact management, relationship management, case management and order management.

Watch our Video: A Sales Manager for a Building Product Manufacturer

A Sales Manager for a Building Product Manufacturer YouTube Video

A Sales Manager for a Building Product Manufacturer

See how a Sales Manager can use Hitachi CRM for Building Product Manufacturers (BPM) to get a single complete view of projects, quotes, and important business relationships so he or she can find the information needed to make smart, well-informed decisions.

Hitachi CRM for Dealer Management

Hitachi CRM for Dealer Management Dashboard Screenshot

Dealer Sales

Give your sales teams all the information they need in one place alongside automated sales processes that reduce busy work and give them more quality time with customers by using CRM for sales management and reporting and activity management.

Relationship Management

Track your relationships with manufacturers and customers so you can make sure you have all the information you need for each sales opportunity and service incident because CRM provides you with an Account 360, contact management and market information.

Hitachi CRM for Dealer Management Dealer Service Screenshot

Quote Management

Generate accurate quotes quickly and track exactly what was sold to the customer so you can foster collaboration between the sales team and service department.

Dealer Service

Ensure a consistent stream of ongoing service revenue by identifying strong opportunities, selling more contracts and better managing the ones you have thanks to CRM’s equipment profiling, opportunity management, case management and service contract management capabilities.

Sales Manager for a Heavy Equipment Dealer YouTube Video

A Day in the Life of a Sales Manager for a Heavy Equipment Dealer

Our Hitachi CRM Solution is designed to give the heavy equipment dealership unprecedented digital insight into all their business data,. Check out this short video to get a feel for how we can help.

Hitachi CRM Essentials

Hitachi CRM Essentials Dashboard Screenshot

Hitachi CRM Essentials helps you achieve a successful CRM implementation more quickly and at a lower cost. It provides an extensive library of plug-ins, controls, and customizations that enable you to meet all of your industry and business requirements.
– Hitachi CRM Essentials includes:

  • Business Rules Engine
  • JavaScript Library
  • Agent Desktop
  • Portal Framework
  • User Adoption Solution
  • Editable Grid
  • Hierarchy Visualizer
  • CRM + SharePoint Enhancement
  • Plug-In Library

+ Learn more about Essentials…

Expert Services
Add the Right Team and Approach to Your Industry Solution Equation

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Designed for Success

Our field proven implementation approach is based on years of helping clients transform their organizations with enhanced processes and enterprise software optimization. With every client relationship and project our focus is on your business goals. We collaborate to define improved processes, build and deploy capabilities to optimize those processes, measure results and move forward with continuous improvements.

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Flexible Services Approach

We help ensure your success with the Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud by getting the right team of experts into the mix at the right time. Our project leaders and consultants act as guides to help your implementation along by using the project approach that best matches your business model, the skills of your team and your specific requirements. Our approach can flex from classic waterfall to agile to a hybrid in between depending on the approach that you are most comfortable with.

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All In Subscription or Hybrid Services + Subscription

The Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud can include a range of expert services like integration, data migration, custom development or a complete ERP, CRM or BI implementation from top to bottom. We can wrap subscription pricing around any services and include it into your Industry Cloud subscription or you can subscribe and pay for services separately. We’re flexible. Our goal is to make sure our pricing and subscription matches your needs.

The technical expertise and system knowledge Hitachi Solutions has brought to Pyrotek has without question been critical to our CRM program. We would not be enjoying the success we are today without their invaluable assistance.
Joe Tarulli, Corporate Sales Development Manager, Pyrotek
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Ongoing Support

Our dedicated global support teams ensure that issues are resolved in the quickest possible timeframe so you can stay focused on your business. Our breadth and depth of knowledge provides continuous support ranging from troubleshooting, deployment and environment management.

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Personal Attention

Hitachi Solutions’ ongoing support provides personalized attention through in-house functional and technical Microsoft AX, CRM and BI experts available via phone, email, Skype, whatever works best for you when you need us.

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Predictable Cost

You stay connected with a dedicated pool of Microsoft experts on a predictable, monthly service plan. There are three tiers: Gold, Silver and Bronze each with an allocation of hours which can be used however you need.

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The Power of 3

Experience has taught us that the right team of three can cover the breadth of information required to keep a system live and thriving. We build our support teams right and support them with our global resources.

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