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Connect your office and field staff with the information and processes they need to satisfy customers more effectively. Field Service Automation can help reduce response times, lower costs, improve first-time fix ratios, and increase customer satisfaction to build a competitive advantage.

Hitachi Solutions has a long history of success in Field Service Automation. Our services team has over 400 years of collective experience building and implementing FSA systems for clients in many different vertical industries. Choosing the right solution for your situation is critical – whether that involves a simple approach with no accounting/ERP integration or the deepest of financial requirements with intensive integration – we understand it and have likely done it before.

Our portfolio of solutions for FSA include Microsoft’s Field One product based on Microsoft CRM and our Hitachi Solutions FSA product built around Microsoft AX. If you really want to understand the nuance of hitting the right balance of product fit for your situation our team can guide you through it with intelligence and practical advice.

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Call Center, Scheduling, and Dispatch Management

Quickly capture service needs and access customer, site, and equipment information to shorten the time between call receipt and job assignment. Track resource commitments, match tasks to the best available resources, and generate work orders. Create daily or weekly schedules automatically or by using drag and drop tools.

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Service Order Life-Cycle Management

View and manage work orders by customer, location, schedule, or assigned resources, with color coding and visual icons providing at-a-glance insight into urgency and status.

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Contract and SLA Management

Manage terms, apply different billing rates for various types of work and materials, manage SLAs, maintain hierarchical relationships among customers and locations, and automate escalations and invoicing.

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Asset and Warranty Management

Classify assets with barcodes or serial numbers, then track asset location, maintenance needs, and repair history while capturing costs, revenues, and time spent on each asset. Track warranties against assets, provide field staff with visibility into terms and expiration dates, and help ensure that service and billing conform to warranty stipulations.

Field Service Automation Resource Tracking and Performance Management

Resource Tracking and Performance Management

Integrate information about personnel qualifications, certifications, and experience into work assignments, automate crew calendars and timekeeping, and generate individual performance scorecards.

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Customer Portal

Provide customers with self-service capabilities, including work order status and new work requests, through integration with Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services and standard Web services.

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Inventory Management

Track service stock accurately at mobile and fixed locations to reduce write-offs. Adjust inventory records automatically based on field use or in-route purchasing, effectively forecast materials requirements, and take advantage of bulk and just-in-time ordering. Check inventory locations and order materials directly from the field.

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Bing Maps Integration

Take advantage of Bing Maps® integration to provide office and field staff with street level mapping, route visibility, and turn-by-turn directions. Use any GPS tracking system in the field to quickly locate resources geographically from the office and optimize work assignment.

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Mobile Experience

Complete work tickets, review service history, manage inventory, access customer pricing, and obtain electronic signatures, all with automated real-time capture. Intuitive, user friendly, multi-platform HTML5 mobility solution runs on smartphones, tablets, and laptops (iOS/Android/IE/Chrome/Windows 8.1) for both online and offline communications with the back office.

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